November 2011

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23. november 2011 at 16:43

I've always wanted to be fucked maxporn my wife. She told me that I was, but I always thought, what would it be to see her get fucked by a larger tail. So one night we were drinking at home and I knew she was hot to go. I called a friend of mine and we all drank for a while. Very soon we are playing truth or dare and dared my girlfriend (a young black) in the neck of my wife to suck. She goes crazy on it. Later, some RB I dare to dance with him. Soon they were fucking with clothes on, basically. They entered the room, her ass pressed against his 9 cock often. Yo, because that was the deal, and just went at it. She started to moan from time to time during the next hour maxporn, my friend took my wife as though she moaning and screaming all the time. I heard it once, and pulled her to come, which was about ten minutes in. so I left the room, maxporn and became stronger and stronger. I went outside with the dog in the courtyard I heard her scream, how big was his cockand he hit hard and grabbed her ass, she went for an hour, easily. She does not even flinch when I returned to the room which was now on and he replied : "You love to ride cock, right?" And she said: Oh, yes, fuck me....... was very satisfying, but also very hunbling. I did not know it was a screamer.

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19. november 2011 at 19:14
This story is true. I had ( the real reasons, I think) to ease this afternoon, so to publish this story about my frustration. My first man to man's experience was when I was 25 years, with a friend. We wanted to know both what a blowjob was. I released him drunk and to my surprise he told me he loved me in the offer. I loved it ( sucks cock, that is). In the morning he tried to take the ass, but he had drunk too much the night before a single shot as he could and I was in my mouth. I was more or less maxporn than the amount of a bitch I was ready to surprise you maxporn with the right man (and it was an old friend whom I trusted, he was the most suitable. I bet too :-)). A few years later I discovered the joy of underwear ( I'm wearing a bear skin and raids at this time).
Over the years, my experiments with underwear is manifest in the desire to suck cock and ass. I have no desire to have a man who walas, although I would have my friend in this way (but maxporn will not let me). in 94 fell into bed with a man, and took my cherry. I am not particularly happy, but I wanted to experience a recurrence. It took too long for repetition. Finally met a few years ago I was a gay man SH. I was ready, accommodation, who had seen my ad (with photos taken of me in lingerie by a friend years ago) and said he has to me (I am very sub with the kids ). I arrived home, dressed as usual. He had asked me not to turn as a TV, obviously. I took a bottle of red wine to relieve any tension that we had. Show me in your room, I asked how long I'd like to get dressed. I wore a lacy basque, a lace thong, fishnet stockings and a few very nice, tight leather pants with back zipper. Show me the ass very well, if I may say so. So I can dress like this suck and a real bitch, but no matter how grown on me, I can not get an erection. My tail is maxporn addedTely limited. Perfect. It makes a real bitch. I lay on my bed and wait to come himself. He forgets to bring the wine, but do not realize. In retrospect, it is a shame, but I'm very surprised that I 'm doing what I am, I dress like a slut and lying in bed. Wine in the room and I took it off, then took off with my teeth red thong (true imagination, hehe), followed by the tail inevitably follow in the mouth. He had a big cock well. Thicker than mine for a very long way. So thick that it was completely different to mine.
Rather fat, but not rock hard, while my kind of thin, but it is rock hard. sucked for a while, but he wanted me to rim. I love being surrounded. I had a girlfriend before experiencing my first husband, who had fallen well below my ass (which I loved going into her pussy). I did not know it was called black kiss, and I loved it and I did not even kiss his thoughts later. It is also used to take my milk into his mouth then maxporn French kiss me and give cum for me (I love that). I'm not impressed by rimming, but I love me. I rolled onto my stomach, I grab, lift your hips and takes off his leather pants. By pulling on one hand, he goes down on me. God is beautiful. I gasped and panted and moaned, and so on. Completely genuine, can not stop when someone.
This guy, who loved her, and he spent so much time with me with his tongue. After that, they got used to lubricate your fingers makes me happy and I maxporn was relaxed enough, he turned me on my back, my legs on his shoulders, put on a condom and fucked me. I really liked, but it was maxporn good for him, so we switched to doggie, I really enjoyed. I was halfway through my shoulders on the bed, which was suddenly changed his angle and fucked from OK to "Wow that's great".
Moaned and groaned as the maxporn best bitch you've seen in movies. It was fantastic. I could not get enough. Cum leaking from my cock. Finally got through knowledge and my disappointment I could not use. I had a condom filled with his semen could drink or anoint me (pour over my head or neck), hoping that the smell of milk all the way home. One of the best meetings I had. I loved being his bitch, and let me use as you wish.
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